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My company independent research and development,Specializing in the production of cold rolled flat light、Flat iron Stainless steel and precision rolling steel strip。At present, we have domestic advanced light flat steel continuous production line(Independent research and development5Tandem mill)And production methods,Product size precision is high,Surface brightness、Flat and level,Can be directly galvanized、Chrome plated、Nickel plating, etc.Products wide range of applications,For example:Building hardware Hardware manufacturing、Supermarket shelves Fitness equipment Furniture、Decorate doors and Windows driver and so on industry。The company is located in the town of jiangsu wuxi Qian Qiao,Is located in312National highway,And the beijing-shanghai railway、Close to the shanghai-nanjing expressway,The transportation is convenient。 Now can produce specifications:Cold rolled wire1~12mmThick × 6~32mmWide Cold rolled steel strip1~7MMThick*9~150MMWide Cold rolled stainless steel1~3MMThick*9~30MMWide

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  • What is flatFlat steel,Refers to the wide12-300mm、Thick3-60mm、Rectangular cross section for and slightly blunt the edge of the steel。Flat steel can be finished steel,Also can be welded pipe billet and pack rolling sheet with thin slab。 The main purpose:Flat steel hoop iron as timber can be used for system、Tools and machinery parts,Used as a room frame structure buildings、Escalator。…
  • Power from steel mills still galvanized flat steel prices continue to riseGalvanized flat steel prices continue to rise Soaring power still from steel mill      The futures market,Galvanized flat steel、Hot rolled from yesterday surged after rising again,Futures market sharply higher spot market rally,The national regions…
  • Bending of hot-rolled flat steel how straightenedMay everyone met some hot-rolled flat steel bending,Then what should we do?The correct ah, of course,Can't get rid of it。The following,We are together to know the correct method of hot-rolled flat steel。Hot-rolled flat steel  A…
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