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Tianjin winters of food machinery technology co., LTD. Is located in the rare zones between the Beijing and tianjin,According to tianjin city30Kilometers,According to Beijing urban area70Kilometers,Traffic developed,The geographical position is superior。Company is a collection of scientific research、Development、Production and sales as one integrated economic entity,Is one specialized is engaged in the ice cream、Dairy products、Beverages, small food machinery specialized in the production of equipment and laboratory equipment processing enterprises in recent years,My company and cooperation with tianjin university of science and technology,Joint development to develop the world's first hydraulic high pressure homogenizer and intelligent yogurt machine and other series products,And have gained many national patents,A number of products have reached the leading level in the current domestic and international。 At present,The products of the company has been more than 20 domestic provinces、The city、Autonomous region nearly thousand enterprises to choose,Including foreign companies、The joint venture、Secondary institutions dairy laboratory and food research institute,To reduce experiment cost improve the efficiency of the experiment were played a significant role。The experimental equipment and small food production equipment...
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What is the development trend of yogurt production line

Yogurt production line to carry out the trend of people's attention,Yogurt production line of high speed、High quality、High precision,To the large-scale development Habit to yogurt industrial producing,In order to get the best economic benefit demand,Yogurt production line equipment is more and more tend to be large。Such as carbonated yogurt filling equipment filling speed up to two thousand...
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