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Traffic and transportation and telecommunication in hubei province to build intelligent transportation company cooperation
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A mobile phone

Daily limit10A quota,Value1800Yuan
(Credit only escape vehicle)

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900Thousands of cars

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90Thousands of cars

To help find the vehicle

8000One hundred million yuan

Accumulated assets security

800One hundred million yuan

The accumulative lost assets

CityCustomer nameVehicle brandsVehicle modelsVehicle valueFind the time
  • Sichuan provinceA car loan company...ToyotaBullying40Wan2016-07-08
  • In anhui provinceA car loan company...BuickLacrosse21Wan2016-06-10
  • Sichuan provinceA car loan company...AudiQ532Wan2016-06-08
  • In jiangsu provinceA car loan company...ToyotaRAV415Wan2016-06-06
  • Guangdong provinceA car loan company...BydS68Wan2016-06-06
  • In jiangsu provinceA car loan company...AudiA6L40Wan2016-06-05
  • ShanghaiA car loan company...NissanThe music20Wan2016-06-04
  • In Shanxi ProvinceA car loan company...ToyotaThe camry20Wan2016-06-04
  • Guangdong provinceA car loan company...FordThe carnival7Wan2016-06-04
  • In anhui provinceA car loan company...NissanQashqai14Wan2016-06-03
  • In Shanxi ProvinceA car loan company...Land roverDiscovery480Wan2016-06-03
  • In shandong provinceA car loan company...FawGuideposts3Wan2016-06-03
  • In jiangsu provinceA car loan company...Mercedes BenzC20035Wan2016-05-28
  • In anhui provinceA car loan company...JianghuaiRuifeng12Wan2016-05-16
  • In Shanxi ProvinceA car loan company...The harvardH612Wan2016-05-16
  • In anhui provinceA car loan company...NissanThe music18Wan2016-04-13
  • Guangdong provinceA car loan company...ChevroletA cool10Wan2016-04-08
  • Guangdong provinceA car loan company...PentiumB506Wan2016-04-01
  • Guangdong provinceA car loan company...The publicPassat20Wan2016-03-20
  • In jiangsu provinceA car loan company...JianghuaiYue5Wan2016-03-18