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      With the deepening of the concept of environmental protection and upgrading the customer the demand of the market,More and more of the production process needs to be equipped with efficient bag dust removal device,A variety of reasons,Their different application fields;So,It is particularly important to customized technical solutions。 Yancheng city Ming hui filter bag co., LTD. Is a non-woven needled felt filter material and machine weaving filter material professional manufacturers。The main products are high temperature series:Fluorine mae、Glass fiber...........
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Bag filter to fight the fog haze weather

The Ming hui filter bag focus on high class research and development of dust bag,Under the condition of high temperature makes a different according to different components of flue gas heat resistance...

Of influencing filter efficiency of dust removal equipment

Filtration efficiency is depending on the filter dust quantity and the size of ions can penetrate to distinguish。In most cases,The discretion of the filtration efficiency...

Dust collector why insulation has to do

In the dust removal system,Pipeline and setting up the equipment deployment of insulation is in order to cover good dust removal equipment deployment,The goal is to guard against...

Coal-fired power plantsppsDust bag and corrosion

PPSFiber has good mechanical and chemical properties,Can keep good filtering performance in harsh environment,And achieve the ideal...

The Ming hui quality fluorine mae dust bag can be

The Ming hui mae dust bag quality fluorine can adapt to the complex conditions, such as high temperature dust removal。 Fluorine mae needled felt dust collecting bag for its excellence...

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Service concept:The customer is supreme    Is consistent。
Talent concept:Having both ability and political integrity    Good for this。
Business philosophy:Take the market as the guidance    Aiming at win-win situation。
Management concept:Detail decides success or failure    Responsibility for success。
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Yancheng city Ming hui filter bag co., LTD is located in funing in jiangsu province economic development zone in jiangsu province,Grasp the leading science and technology,Adhering to the"High demand、A high starting point...
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Heating boiler precipitator has its particularity,One year only half a year's working condition,General boiler precipitator are adoptedppsDust bag……
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Multiple reasons for damage of filter bag,But the main reason has the following categories,A,Filter the wind speed,The wind speed is too high will dust cloth is the direct consequence……
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