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The company will to online game platform,Main business is operating the lastest、The most popular online games as the goal,Just half a year,We have at present30People's team,And relationship with various media web site。

Young parents monitoring project

Parents care project give full consideration to the needs of the parents,When parents find their children are playing games too beguiled,Provided by the parent legal guardian credentials、Your account name of the game、And the desire of the parents to limit intensity information,Account of in a state of children game addiction may be taking several restrictions,Solution is not compulsive playing minors...

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Challenge around the brain

The game type:Leisure、Puzzle

Size of the game:11.3MB

The game is introduced:Challenge around the brain is a brain development about educational games,By clicking on the barrier bar,Control object,Avoid obstacles to complete the challenge of the game。This is a...

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Boycott bad games,Refused to pirate the game。 The moderate game profit brain,The label killed the cat。 Pay attention to protect themselves,Beware of fraud。Reasonable arrangement of time,Enjoy a healthy life。