Ahab who is in China

Ha who provide heat exchanger on a global scale、Comprehensive utilization of energy and other core products,Offices in China15To provide you with a service center“一站式”Service。

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Big responsibility

Today, who heat exchanger in Chinese patrols、The application of fisheries,That we can be proud of:HUGENAU The heat exchanger,You partner!

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The core product

Why, who plate heat exchanger is so outstanding,With efficient heat transfer effect?Is derived from the historical experience of ahab who for many years and constantly pushed into a new research and development capabilities。

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The main application

No matter what industry do you come from,Every component of the optimal selection is very important。Select the appropriate heat exchanger is the key,Because it will determine your product performance。Choose us,You will have more space to develop products with your industry characteristics。Ha who lead the innovation,Will be with you to create your own brand value。More and more>>

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We will always accompany you around

When you start running of heat exchanger,Our service didn't stop,Our global service support network will offer you best after-sale service,To ensure that meet your requirements。Perfect after-sale service make you when using ha who brand can rest easy。More and more>>

When you face a technology leader

A flexible plate type,Rigorous modeling software,HigherEI,Let your heat exchanger is different,Each can save15%The cost of。

When after become a kind of enjoyment

With unique reset system,Makes a person can easily remove the heat exchanger of the system,Heat exchanger after per unit cost reduction50%。

Let me“The pursuit of high quality”Possible

So the product is a rigorous testing and certification laboratories,Let we can challenge the limits of life,Each heat exchanger can make you grow22%。

Excellent service system

Intjs sales engineer one-to-one professional skill,One-stop shopping,Shorten your purchasing cycle,Each heat exchanger savings for you6%。