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Address:Linyi city of shandong province linyi industrial park country-specific ones area


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Shandong galaxy mechanical chemical co., LTD


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The skateboard hot press

Wood impregnated anti-corrosion tank

Methanol oxidation reactor

Cooking pot

Outside dish tube type stainless steel reaction kettle

The steam separator


The ternary gas superheater

The skateboard hot press

Hot press electric heating experiments

Woodworking machinery

Woodworking machinery

Woodworking machinery

On the preloading machine

Hot platen

Testing machine


The company covers an area of100m


Fixed assets12000Ten thousand yuan


Company worker100Many people

Shandong galaxy mechanical chemical co., LTD Is a limited liability company,
Main production man-made board machinery、The production line of complete sets of formaldehyde、Paraformaldehyde production line、Methylal production line;The first kind of pressure vessel、The second category of low pressure、Medium pressure container;


Since my company1993Began specializing in the production of man-made board complete sets of equipment,After nearly 10 years of research and development and technological innovation,Factory developed a series of suitable for use in wood processing of woodworking machinery products for seven kinds and more than 40 varieties,And development to production、Manufacturing、Installation and maintenance、Foreign trade in one of the diversified production and operation enterprises

Professional、Focus The product is rich

The geographical position is superior The transportation is convenient

The company is located in man-made board production base,Linyi city of shandong province country-specific ones area linyi industrial park road,Away from the beijing-shanghai expressway export less than linyi10km, From the linyi airport25km、Linyi train station15km,The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient。

Since the company1993Began specializing in the production of man-made board complete sets of equipment

Leading products formaldehyde production line、Polyformaldehyde production line、Hot press、Preloading machine、Hot platen

The service hotline:400-0539-375

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    My company is completed5Ten thousand tons、3Ten thousand tons of formaldehyde production lineDCSTransformation


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    Acceptance of soil and water conservation facilities、Monitoring report of the public


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    Shandong galaxy mechanical chemical co., LTDX X-ray flaw detection and inspection room acceptance notice