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Jining dongyuan machineryManufacturing co., LTD. Is a self-support right of import and export、Set research and development、Production and manufacturing,Sales for the integration of national high and new technology enterprise.Located in the Confucius Of the township---Ning。The company is founded2006Years12Month,High-tech industrial park of 7CThe area of new land60m,The issue of building area1.1Million square meters。The company now has employees100More than one,Management personnel30More than one,Technical personnel10People........

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The accessory type multi-functional garden pruning

The accessory type multi-functional garden pruning

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The company:Jining dongyuan machineryManufacturing co., LTD
The phone:0537-2650818 
The mailbox:dyjx_2006@kabaina.cn
Address:Jining high-tech zone 7 industrial parkCArea

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