Micro investment surged wealth

Micro investmentsoaring wealth

BibimbapAlso known as south Korean rice、Stone bowl of rice,Is the Korean peninsula and in northeast China heilongjiang、Ji Li、Liaoning special rice cooking。The origin of the other is from Korea cholla-bukdo,Typical food for later evolved into the Korean peninsula,Is one of the three famous dishes of the Korean peninsula。"Beautiful stones"Was established2013Years,Is a collection of food and beverage management、Food chain、Operations management、Research and development center、Training base、Management consulting、Marketing planning for the integration of catering planning agencies。

The stone bibimbap join headquartersNot only has accumulated rich experience in restaurant service,Also the polish business eye,Seen through the relationship between the modern people's life rhythm and catering,The lack of a target market and advantage,According to the characteristics of the enterprise itself,Make use of the experience、Technology、Human resources、Products such as various advantages,Successfully improve the deficiency existing in the catering industry,And the launch of a new generation"Beautiful stones"Korean stone bowl health fast food,Created a new situation in the history of food and beverage。

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