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    LinQu yucai teaching equipment factory is located in the beautiful scenery of shandong LinQu dongcheng industrial park,The transportation is convenient,The geographical position is superior。The blackboard is an early production of various kinds of teaching、Schools with stainless steel series products of professional manufacturers。 Our factory has many years of teaching the blackboard manufacturing experience and advanced technology。Is a production-oriented enterprises in the industry on a large scale,The product mainly includes:Plane of the blackboard、Round the blackboard、Push the shielding plate、Scaffolding the blackboard、Stainless steel glass blackboard and publicity column、Flag pole, etc,Our factory has a group of strength,Experienced staff team,Strict production according to user's requirements,The product beauty is generous、Strong and durable,And has the advantages of low consumption of chalk,The characteristics of easy to wipe... Described in detail>>
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