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The fall days in September,Respect for the high purity of yttrium stabilized zirconia hollow ball customer hello,Three yuan ceramics co., LTD., gongyi, welcome you to enter site!Equinox solar terms,Clear sky of flowers gone with the wind,Shake the spirit of the cool autumn wind,I wish you the best beauty never grows old,Healthy don't get sick,Cool and clear day day and night,Be sure to keep warm to bear in mind,May you don't go to the hospital to take medicine,The god of wealth called you in every day,Every day life happiness,Happy to tightly around you!Gongyi believe ternary ceramics co., LTD “Quality and customer satisfaction is the life of the enterprise” , Continuous pursuit of a more stable high purity yttrium stabilized zirconia,High purity yttrium stabilized zirconia hollow ball,High purity calcium stabilized zirconia,High purity yttrium stabilized zirconia hollow ball products and more trust of customer service。
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    Gongyi, three yuan ceramics co., LTD. Is located in gongyi city in henan province,Mainly engaged in the stabilized zirconia、Fused yttrium oxide products production and sales。In refractory industry in the years of accumulated rich experience,The enterprise scale expands unceasingly。
    In strict accordance with the companyISO9000Quality system organize production,To cultivate a number of technical backbone,To ensure the product quality long-term stability。While committed to the production company,The bold innovation、Pay attention to scientific research,To achieve the technological breakthroughs,Company developed yttrium stabilized zirconia series products of similar products at home and abroad in higher performance-price ratio。
    In order to“To provide customers with valuable products”The idea as the guidance,Three yuan tailored for different customers different products and services。In line with“People-oriented,Harmonious development”Our tenet,Three yuan has won more and more customers recognized and appreciated。We sincerely hope,On the future development road,With respect of customers sincere cooperation,To create a better future together。


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