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Tongchuan city DE force, energy conservation and environmental protection technology co., LTDTen years focused on the national key new product——Independent research and development,Quality first,Factory direct sale!

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DE force five advantages of science and technology,Give you more security

Energy conservation and environmental protection technology-Independent research and development of products and packaging

Northwest has only a independent production and packagingLEDThe light source workshop;

20 years technology accumulation,Is a collection research and development、Production、Sales、Construction as one of the high-tech enterprises;

10Years focused on national key new products—Independent research and development,Quality first,Factory direct sale;

DE force energy conservation and environmental protection science and technology, all products are patented products
Form a complete set of spare parts is complete

DE force of science and technology has so far28A national patent;

Similar specifications products optimal,The best price,The best service;

The pall,One-stop service,Save the intermediate links,Cost savings for customers;

A number of engineering qualifications Quality service guaranteed,Tailor the best solution

Enterprise has passed the level 3 installation qualification、ISO9001Product quality system certification、The safety production license and other related certification;

Successively obtains the national high and new technology、Strong intellectual property enterprise strategy implementation of advanced unit in the city;

2017The annual China double gen good project information technology award、2018Double gen good projects in China such as artificial intelligence class award;

Professional technical support,The best solution

According to different local culture and environment,The best solution;

From the engineering design、Equipment manufacturing、Installation and debugging、After-sales service strictly control all the procedures;

Let more people to experience a new intelligent lighting;

Perfect after-sale service system,Really make you look easy

Professional technical services team,The whole progress follow up orders production;

Responsible for the installation and debugging in place,Every customer enjoy lifetime after-sales service;

Emergency24Hour arrived on the scene,72Hours to solve difficult;

The national hotline 0919-6999999

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Tongchuan city, energy conservation and environmental protection technology co., LTD. Is engaged in energy saving、Environmental protection、Intelligent lighting business of high-tech enterprises,Tongchuan city new district is located in the beautiful scenery of shaanxi province,Cover an area of an area50m,From the ancient capital of xi 'an and xi 'an xianyang international airport70Kilometers,The entire highway,The transportation is convenient、The environment is exquisite。Since the company since its establishment,In order to ensure the production capacity and quality requirements,Company introduction of high-tech talent、Buy high precision optical detection equipment and apparatus,And with our professional technology、The fine quality、Excellent staff、Constantly blaze new trails,In the fierce market competition.....

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To send Exhibition Think tank Can According to In Ming dynasty,Points Bright Think tank Hui Was born To live!

10Years focused on national key new products—Independent research and development,Quality first,Factory direct sale!
The national hotline0919-6999999

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  • Intelligent lighting—System characteristics

    System characteristics:1、 The door is open loop control and control the police、Water alarm;2、 The loop current、Voltage、The power factor、Electricity detection, etc;3、 Single lamp switch and the dimming;4

  • Intelligent lighting-Comprehensive solution。

    At present our country city road lighting management informationization level is low,Based on Internet of things and cloud computing system management software for the street lamp management informationization construction provides a comprehensive solution

  • Intelligent lighting-Performance characteristics

    Control the street lamp switch、Brightness control、Electric current、Voltage acquisition、The theft alarm, etc,And reserve the temperature acquisition、Light pole skew detection, and other functions。Street lamp manager is divided into modular(Built-in lamps and lanterns

  • Intelligent lighting performance characteristics

    Intelligent lighting gateway is an important hardware the street lights single lamp monitoring equipment,It is usedZigbeeWireless technology and light controller communication,Communicate with the center of the system can be usedGPRS

  • The development of intelligent lighting

    Intelligent lighting industry since last century90S to enter the Chinese market,Consumer consciousness by the market、Market environment、The product price、The influence of the promotion and so on various aspects,Has been in a slow development

  • LEDPlant growth lamp

    LEDPlant growth lamp is a kind of toLED(Light-emitting diodes (leds))For the light,Meet the plant photosynthesis light conditions needed for artificial light。According to the type,Belongs to the third generation plants